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Booster Shots in South Surrey, BC

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Booster Shots in South Surrey, BC

Mediworks offers a large number of vitamins, minerals, homeopathics and amino acids via intramuscular (IM) injection. Dr. Badesha has also developed numerous combination formulas for some of the most common complaints that he sees in his practice. These formulas are tried and tested in a clinical setting and manufactured by certified compounding pharmacies in the lower mainland. If need be, Dr. Badesha will tailor make a formula for your specific health concern. Rest assured that any injectable administered at Mediworks is made with your safety and health in mind. For detailed information about uses, indications and benefits of specific vitamins please ask Dr. Badesha during your visit or research online. Below is a list of some commonly used injectables at Mediworks.

Slim Shot: B12 plus Lipotropics are popular across North America in many Weight Loss clinics and diet centres. Dr. Badesha has improved his formula by adding Biotin, B6 and Chromium. All of our weight loss patients are all too familiar with this injection. It’s used with our MediThin protocol to stimulate fat loss and metabolism.

Super Slim Shot: This is our regular Slim Shot with added B vitamins and L-Carnitine

Pure B12 Shot: As the name implies this is solely B12 in its active form. The amount of B12 given is patient dependant and determined by Dr. Badesha. Usually doses range between 1mg-10mg/ injection. Prices also vary according to dose.

B12 Plus: This injection combines both active B12 and Active Folic Acid. Activated forms of vitamins are more effective because they don’t have to be converted by the body. If a person is deficient in both B12 and folic acid but only takes folic acid supplements, the B12 deficiency may be masked. Dr. Badesha uses this formula when trying to lower homocysteine levels and in the elderly.

Better B Complex: This is a complete B vitamin cocktail including all B vitamins from B1 to B12. Folic Acid may be added if indicated.

Kick Start: This is a favourite amongst our patients. This unique formula combines key energy producing B vitamins, Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP) and CAFFEINE!!

Vira Clear: Also known as the Natural Flu shot. This injection combines immune boosting homeopathics with B12.

Brain Mood: Methylation deficiency is common in depressed patients. Active B12, Active Folic Acid provide methyl groups required for neurotransmitter synthesis. Vitamin B6 is critical for the production of several neurotransmitters. Dr. Badesha also adds homeopathic remedies that help balance the nervous system.

Brain Mood Plus: With the addition of NADH and SAMe, this formula is very effective for treating depression and other neurological problems

Multi Vite Plus: A combination of 12 vitamins and minerals

Mito Boost: Mitochondrial dysfunction can limit energy production. This injection contains nutrients like Carnitine and Ribose that can repair the Mitochondria and restore energy production.

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