COVID-19 Safety Protocols in South Surrey, BC

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COVID-19 Safety Protocols in South Surrey, BC


  1. Patients must check-in via telephone call for all booked appointments prior to entering the clinic
  2. The waiting room has been reduced to seat 2 people.
  3. Acrylic dividers have been placed at key patient interaction locations to provide a barrier where social distancing is difficult to maintain
  4. Social distancing stickers have been placed on the floor as a reference.
  5. Appointments are restricted to patients only-no children, spouses or friends may join patients during their appointment or in the waiting room
  6. No walk-ins or visitors are allowed.
  7. The number of IV chairs have been reduced and placed 6’ apart from each other. Remotes for TVs are not available.
  8. Patients will enter the clinic 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment through our regular front entrance. Everyone will leave the clinic by the back door to reduce contact and maintain physical distance
  9. Appointment times will be staggered


  1. Patients arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before their appointment times and check in via telephone call prior to entering the clinic.
  2. At the front door you will be screened to make sure you have passed the COVID-19 Self-Assessment QUESTIONNAIRE Download BC Covid-19 app and asked to put on your mask. Once inside you will have your temperature taken and given hand sanitizer. All staff will complete a daily self-assessment for COVID-19 symptoms as well
  3. If you forget or don’t have a mask you can purchase one from us at cost ($2.00 per mask)
  4. You will be directed to the appropriate waiting location to await your treatment.
  5. When ready, your doctor/staff will greet you at the waiting location and escort you to their treatment room, which will have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected (see below) in between every patient/client.
  6. Following treatment, during which all appropriate personal protection equipment (mask, gloves) will be worn, the front desk will take payment and book your next appointment. You will then be directed to the clinic door exit at the back of the clinic to avoid congestion in the reception area. You can also book your own next appointment online at or call our reception from home. If someone is waiting to pay please be mindful to keep 6′ apart.
  7. You will be billed and the receipt will be emailed to you.
COVID-19 Safety Protocols in South Surrey, BC


1- Clinic spaces will be cleaned according to the BCCDC guidelines and using a Health Canada approved disinfectant This This includes:

Treatment rooms cleaned between each patient

  • This includes counter tops, medical equipment, and examination tables. Frequently-touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day. These include sneeze guards, door knobs, light switches, telephones, keyboards, mice, pens, charts, cell phones and all hard surfaces in bathrooms such as sinks, faucets, handles
  • These include sneeze guards, door knobs, light switches, telephones, keyboards, mice, pens, charts, cell phones and all hard surfaces in bathrooms such as sinks, faucets, handles
  • General cleaning and disinfecting of procedure and examination rooms should occur at least twice a day.

2- Eliminate items that are not easily cleaned such as fabric or soft items

3- Provide alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHR) with a minimum of 70% alcohol at the reception counter and near procedure/exam room doors. A higher concentration of alcohol is required to eliminate a wide range of microorganisms, including COVID-19.

4- Procedure/exam rooms include only necessary equipment required to perform services.

5- We’ve minimized supplies located in our treatment rooms and have secured supplies in closed cabinets/containers to minimize the risk of contamination.

6- Keep frequently used doors open where appropriate to avoid recurrent contamination of doorknobs and high touch contact points

7- We’ve updated the filters in our HVAC system