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Medical Weight Loss Program

Medical Weight Loss Programs in South Surrey, BC

Mediworks Rejuvenation Centre and Drip Lounge offer medical weight loss programs to get you looking and feeling your best. Lose those extra pounds quickly! Talk to one of our doctors today about our Medical Weight Loss Programs and their benefits. For more information, request an appointment or contact us. We are conveniently located at Unit #103 – 15222 32nd Avenue Diversion, Surrey, BC V3Z 0R8, Canada.

Medical Weight Loss Programs Near Me in South Surrey BC
Medical Weight Loss Programs Near Me in South Surrey BC

Table of Contents:

Common reasons why diets fail:
The three distinct steps of the Slimworks rapid weight loss program:
What is the Slimworks rapid weight loss program?
How does the Slimworks rapid weight loss program help me lose weight?
Will I be hungry on 500-800 calories a day?
Does the Slimworks rapid weight loss program work for everyone?
Is the Slimworks rapid weight loss program safe?
Will I gain the weight back after the Slimworks program?
What to expect during your initial consultation
What do I get with the program?

Congratulations on your decision to take control of your weight. We realize this is a decision that took a lot of thought and thanks you for choosing our amazing weight loss program.

There are many factors that cause weight gain, some that can be controlled (lifestyle) and others that are more difficult (genetics). After a while of being subjected to these factors, your body’s metabolism gets fixed at a certain low level. The Slimworks weight loss protocol will reset your metabolism (hypothalamus) to a higher more efficient level.

Therefore, in addition to weight loss, you will experience increased vitality and health.

This Slimworks program teaches the patient the nutrition fundamentals and lifestyle changes that are required to successfully keep the weight off. Specific details about this program can be discussed with one of our Naturopathic physicians. Since no special food purchases are required, this is also one of the most cost-effective and safest ways to lose weight and keep it off.

Common reasons why diets fail:

The Slimworks rapid weight loss program addresses several of the common reasons why weight loss programs fail including:

1. Constant hunger
2. Fatigue and lack of energy
3. Hormonal imbalances
4. Increased toxicity
5. Underlying inflammation
6. Impaired metabolism
7. Lack of support and guidance
8. Lack of lifestyle counseling (stress management etc.)
9. Exercise education and personal training classes are available.

The Slimworks rapid weight loss program addresses these concerns by:

1. Curbing appetite naturally using custom-formulated supplements
2. Increasing metabolism through hypothalamic stimulation and our custom-formulated weight loss products (Revive/Reduce/Regulate). Thus preventing patients from regaining weight quickly as seen with other programs that cause the metabolism to plummet.
3. Increasing energy by supporting the thyroid gland and providing energy-boosting vitamins and nutrients (Slim Shots, Vit B12/B6 shots, and custom-formulated weight loss supplements)
4. Improving the patient’s sense of well-being by stimulating the brain to secrete endorphins and serotonin.
5. Releasing fat from abnormal fat cells.
6. Testing for suspected hormonal imbalances using comprehensive blood, saliva, or urine testing.
7. Thorough Metabolic Cleansing.
8. Providing access to personal training and group training classes.

The three distinct steps of the Slimworks rapid weight loss program:

Step 1- Cleansing and Rejuvenation
Step 2- Replenish and Repair
Step 3- Begin Slimworks Rapid Weight Loss Program: 3 weeks (26 days) to 6 weeks (47 days)

What is the Slimworks rapid weight loss program?

It is a strict 500-800 Calorie diet accompanied by daily rapid weight loss injections. Obviously, you would be able to lose weight with a 500-800 calorie diet even if you weren’t getting the weight loss injections. If you cut back to this many calories without the help of these injections, however, you will likely lose muscle as well as fat.

The minimum course of weight loss injections is 3 weeks. The maximum course is 6 weeks. However, many of our patients are able to extend the program past six weeks if they choose to.

The reason for limiting a course to 6 weeks is that by then some patients may begin to show signs of immunity to the weight loss injections. Weight loss does not always happen evenly over the 40-day period. Some patients may notice a “lull” for a few days where little to no weight loss occurs, then patients notice quick weight loss after a “lull” period. No exceptions should be made to the diet.

How does the Slimworks rapid weight loss program help me lose weight?

The weight loss injections appear to act on the hypothalamus, signaling the body to release stored fat into the bloodstream where it is then available to be used by the cells for nourishment. Thousands of calories in stored fat are released and are then used by the body or expelled. This alone will not cause weight loss unless you reduce your food intake. To keep the fat cells from immediately taking in more fat, the low-fat LCD must be followed.

Will I be hungry for 500-800 calories a day?

It is common that Slimworks rapid weight loss dieters feel as though they are stuffing themselves in order to reach that 800-calorie limit!

Does the Slimworks rapid weight loss program work for everyone?

The majority of men and women can use this program. Most people on this program claim it is the only program where they have been able to keep the weight off afterward. So although the Slimworks program is effective for the great majority of people who try it, there is logically no promise that it will work for everyone, every time.

Is the Slimworks rapid weight loss program safe?

Yes, it is. Some adverse effects may include the onset of headaches, irritability, restlessness, slight water retention, tenderness of breast tissue, swelling of the injection sight, and depression. Most side effects are likely the result of withdrawal from commonly ingested addictive substances such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and food addictions.

Symptoms however would include pain in the region of the pelvis, swelling of the extremities, abdominal pain, or swelling. If a patient notes any side effects it is recommended that he or she cease using the injections immediately and call the office. As with any medication, an allergic reaction is always possible though rare. If you notice any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, including rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, trouble breathing, or shortness of breath contact the office immediately.

Common side effects are symptoms of detoxification that can occur during the first week which include headache, fatigue, acne or breakouts, and irritability. Symptoms over the course of the diet include constipation and dry skin due to the limited amounts of food bulking the stool and limited fat.

Will I gain the weight back after the Slimworks program?

After the program, you will find your appetite has changed. This program is a great springboard to healthier eating habits and lifestyle changes. If you return to your old eating habits and patterns you can expect the weight to eventually return. Unlike other diets, your metabolism will be set at a higher level than when you started the diet, so it is the perfect time to continue eating clean and increasing your exercise for continued results.

What to expect during your initial consultation

1. Book your appointment with Mediworks for an initial consultation. Paperwork can be emailed in advance of the appointment or you will need to arrive at the office 15 minutes early to complete it prior to your booked appointment.
2. You will then have a full exam and health evaluation by Dr. Badesha or Dr. Bernales. This evaluation includes a body composition analysis.
3. The doctors will answer any questions you may have and review the Slimworks protocol.
4. You are given the Patient Information Folder along with a prescription. You are required to purchase the injections from a pharmacy of your choice and bring it to your first follow-up appointment.
5. Our staff will dispense enough preloaded syringes for you to begin your weight loss program.
6. You will be taught how to give yourself an injection
7. Follow-up appointments are scheduled
8. You begin your Slimworks rapid weight loss program

What do I get with the program?

• Blood work if required
• Weekly visits with Dr. Badesha or Dr. Bernales
• Complete the program manual
• Recipe book
• Diet Journal
• Checklist to start off the first week correctly
• Prescription required for the program
• Cleanse for Step1 of the program
• Weekly “Slim Shots” or vitamin IVs (additional cost)
• 1 month supply of our custom-formulated weight loss products (additional cost)
• All required needles, alcohol wipes, and ketone strips
• Personal training sessions (optional)
• Meal Preparation (optional)

When you start the Slimworks weight loss program, you will receive a total and complete solution to ensure your success. All of the instructions must be followed exactly. This will require true dedication from you. We are dedicated to your weight loss goals. Keep in mind that neglecting your body once you’ve completed the Slimworks rapid weight loss program most likely will reverse any weight loss and health benefits that you gained!

Call Mediworks to inquire about the Slimworks Rapid Weight Loss Program to see if it’s a program that can work for you! We serve patients from Surrey BC, Burnaby BC, Langley City BC, White Rock BC, New Westminster BC, Vancouver BC, and nearby areas.

Ask about booking a free 15-minute consult for more information about this program (only offered by Dr. Bernales)

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