What Is a Drip Lounge?

What Is a Drip Lounge

Give your body that boost it needs with an IV drip lounge. Talk to our team of healthcare professionals today at Drip Lounge Integrated Wellness about the benefits of IV drip lounge! Call us today or book an appointment online. We are located at 7330 Kingsway Burnaby BC V3N 3B5.

Drip Lounge Near Me in Burnaby, BC
Drip Lounge Near Me in Burnaby, BC

What is an IV lounge?

IV drip lounges have been gaining in popularity in recent years, thanks to reports of celebrities using them. They are a form of a clinic where patients can go to have an infusion of vitamins and minerals injected into their body through an intravenous drip. IV lounges provide a variety of infusions aimed at solving various minor conditions that can be associated with needing a boost of specific vitamins. These minor conditions are temporary issues such as a hangover or jet lag, and no serious medical conditions. They can also be used to treat things like dehydration, low energy or fatigue, and cold or flu symptoms, just by changing up the ingredients included in the infusion. The clients will get settled in a comfortable chair and then have the IV hooked up to their body, usually through their arm, by a licensed practitioner. Once the IV is all ready, the client just needs to sit back and relax while the infusion gets transferred into the bloodstream.

What are IV drips? How do they work?

When people think of an IV drip, they most likely envision a patient in a hospital, hooked up to a bag of liquid on a pole. This is the essence of what an IV drip is, and they have been used in medical settings for decades to provide patients with the necessary fluids, nutrients, and medications they need when they are admitted to a hospital for treatment. Using the same logic, IV drips have been brought into mainstream wellness treatments and are now being used as a means to help clients get a quick injection of vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes to treat minor conditions such as jet lag, hangovers, dehydration, fatigue and cold and flu symptoms. Depending on what the client is looking to get from their IV drip treatment, the infusion will be blended with specific ingredients that have been shown to have benefits in providing relief. By having the ingredients injected into the body via an IV drip, as opposed to taking them orally whether, through food or vitamins, it provides a higher and faster rate of absorption into the body, for quicker and more effective results.

What are the health benefits of IV therapies?

IV drip therapies can have many health benefits for patients looking to quickly and easily boost their vitamin and nutrient intake. IV drip therapy administers a dose of an expertly crafted infusion made up of different vitamins, nutrients, and electrolytes into the patient through an IV drip, typically injected into their arm, while they sit back and relax comfortably in a chair or on a couch. The administration of these key nutrients through an IV provides a higher absorption rate than an oral nutrient or vitamin as it is injected directly into the bloodstream. The absorption will also be quicker than if the person were to take an oral vitamin or eat food high in the specific vitamins and nutrients they were looking for. This means that the effects will be felt faster, and patients can go back to feeling like normal following their treatment at an IV drip lounge. IV therapy works well to treat minor conditions such as hangovers, jet lag, cold and flu symptoms, fatigue and low energy, and dehydration. IV therapy is performed under the care and supervision of trained medical personnel to ensure that the IV is properly inserted and patients are monitored closely for any negative side effects.

Where can I get IV therapies in Burnaby, BC?

In Burnaby, BC, people interested in IV drip therapy can seek out treatment from a certified and trained medical professional through Drip Lounge Integrated Wellness. Our team of qualified personnel can walk you through the benefits of IV therapy based on your symptoms or what you are looking to get treatment for. We have a variety of IV drip infusions ready for different, common conditions or complaints that our patients have, so we can get you back to feeling your best as quickly as possible. Following therapies are the trademark of our drip lounge:

If you want to know more about IV therapies and which one is a better choice for you, talk to our specialists today! Call us today or book an appointment online. We are located at 7330 Kingsway Burnaby BC V3N 3B5. We serve clients from Burnaby BC, South Surrey BC, New Westminster BC, Killarney BC, Burquitlam BC, Port Moody BC, and Vancouver BC.

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