Phosphatidylcholine Supplements in South Surrey, BC

At Mediworks Rejuvenation Centre and Med Spa, we provide phosphatidylcholine supplementation that gives possible health benefits like supporting brain health and more. Get in touch with us to take first step towards better health and wellness! Call us today or book an appointment online.

Phosphatidylcholine in South Surrey, BC
Phosphatidylcholine in South Surrey, BC

As a nutritional supplement, phosphatidylcholine can be taken for its possible health benefits like supporting brain health and more. But it’s important to have a good understanding of the potential benefits and the possible side effects even though, for many patients, the benefits outweigh the risks, and these risks are usually minor. Keep reading to learn more about phosphatidylcholine in South Surrey BC and how it could help your health.

What is phosphatidylcholine?

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is a natural chemical that contains fatty acids, glycerol, and phosphorous. It’s found naturally in foods like eggs, red meat, whole grains, and soybeans, but some people take it as a supplement as it may support brain health, liver function, and cholesterol levels. These are some significant prospects for patients, especially those suffering in one of those areas. There have been multiple studies that suggest possible benefits of PC supplementation for humans.

Is phosphatidylcholine good for the liver?

The liver can be affected negatively by a high-fat diet. For example, it can cause fatty liver disease or cirrhosis of the liver. In a 2010 study of mice that were fed a high-fat diet, PC helped to reduce the lipids that can lead to a fatty liver. Another study in mice suggested that normalizing elevated PC levels helped prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver. It may be that humans could benefit similarly from phosphatidylcholine, but human trials need to happen before researchers and doctors can say whether phosphatidylcholine is good for the liver.

Does phosphatidylcholine lower cholesterol?

Phosphatidylcholine may help to dissolve gallstones which are usually made of undissolved cholesterol or bilirubin. In a 2003 study, PC supplementation reduced the formation of cholesterol gallstones in mice that were fed a high-cholesterol diet. The study found that as PC levels increased, cholesterol saturation levels decreased, and this suggests that PC can lower cholesterol in mice and possibly humans, but again, human studies are needed.

What are the side effects of phosphatidylcholine?

PC supplements aren’t well-regulated, so it’s important to speak with a proper professional like ours at Mediworks Rejuvenation Centre before taking phosphatidylcholine as a supplement. There’s no standardized dosage recommendation for PC, but this is something else we can help with at our clinic.

The possible side effects of oral PC supplementation can include excessive sweating, diarrhea, nausea, and/or vomiting. It’s also possible to take an injection of PC to treat an issue like a fatty tumor. This isn’t as common and has different side effects such as severe inflammation or fibrosis. Some people should not take PC, like pregnant or breastfeeding women. What you need is a simple consultation with us to determine whether you’d be a good candidate for phosphatidylcholine supplementation!

Do you provide phosphatidylcholine in South Surrey, BC?

Yes, here at Mediworks Rejuvenation Centre, we can provide phosphatidylcholine supplementation if you’d like it or to learn more about it. We’re located over at Unit #103 – 15222 32nd Avenue Diversion, Surrey, BC V3Z 0R8, Canada. The first step is to make a consultation with us, so to do that, please call us at (604) 757-6420 or book your consultation with us online. When you come in to see us, we’ll take a look at your medical history and health needs, and if we determine you’d be a good candidate for phosphatidylcholine supplementation, we can proceed with it. Get in touch with us today to take that first step toward better health and wellness!